STEP 1 - Choose a Festival Package

YRARF 2019 Festival Packages

The Basic Festival Package includes access to harvest sites on three days (weather permitting): Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; meals included are a bag lunch on Thursday, and two evening socials: Jambalaya Supper on Thursday and Welsh Museum (heavy hors d’oeuvres on Saturday), and two morning or Wednesday afternoon field trips.  

The Beat the Crowds Package adds one extra day (Wednesday) and is limited to 20 participants; it includes a morning field trip, lunch, and weather permitting the afternoon spent at a rice harvest site. Additional All-day field trips to explore other habitats are available for an additional fee. 

STEP 2 - Select Add-on Field Trips (optional) 

If you are considering a change of scenery, increase your species total for the festival, then join a local leader and venture farther afield to visit other habitats. Two all-day trips are offered: one to the coast and one to the longleaf pineywoods. As with all of the trips, participation is “laid back” and participants can venture off on their own or depart at any time during the trip. 


NOTE: These field trips are not bus or van tours - personal transportation is required, carpooling is possible and encouraged! Except for the Cameron Coast EVENING BLACK RAIL SURVEY trip we do not limit the number of participants on these trips so to allow as many participants who would like to visit these areas register. We will add leaders and divide into subgroups as possible. 

You must be a YRARF 2019 Festival participant to sign up for YRARF Add-on Field Trips.

YRARF Add-on Field Trips are now only available to those already REGISTERED:

Pineywoods Wednesday Trip

Pineywoods Saturday Trip

Cameron Coast Saturday Trip

Cameron Coast Sunday Trip

Black Rail Wednesday Night Survey

Black Rail Friday Night Survey

STEP 3 - Select Add-on Social for your guest  (optional)

Thursday Jambalaya Supper

Saturday Welsh Museum Reception