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YRARF & Covid 19

Let us all stay safe.

It's difficult to anticipate what the Covid19 landscape will look like during the festival. Please be advised that if pandemic conditions worsen YRARF reserves the right to cancel the event at any point in time.


YRARF is an outdoor event

YRARF is primarily an outdoor event, where social distancing is relatively easy to do. However part of the festival's fun has always been its socials - and those are set for 2024. Our Welcome Reception will be hosted by Jefferson Davis Tourist Commission at their 100 Rue de l'Acadie  grounds in Jennings (indoors). As for previous festivals, we will have an outdoors  get-together dinner at Myers Landing and our finale will again be indoors at the Welsh Museum. If you are uncomfortable being indoors, feel free to wear a mask or get your food to go. YRARF is a laid back event and our goal is to have a good time!


N95 dust masks have always been a familiar site at the rice field harvest sites - to protect participants from rice chaff and dust. Unless unavailable YRARF 2024 (memories of 2020 and 2021) we will again provide a dust mask as in the past. We also recommend that participants bring your own mask as well - just to be on the safe side - especially if you have a preferred style - we have all gotten familiar with wearing masks! We will keep you updated whether there are any indoor mask mandates in Louisiana. 


At field sites we strongly recommend masks are worn in proximity and on the outside of the combine to protect against dust and rice chaff, and of course, bonus - N95s protect against Covid transmission. 


Please review CDC recommendations for your safety during and Covid19.

We will offer combine rides in 2024 - please realize that it is the participant's choice (if able: see Field Pass) to either  ride inside, or outside and doing so can put you in closer proximity to others than social distancing would dictate: please be advised that you do so at your own risk! We also anticipate having ATV rides at this time. 


We strongly recommend all participants  be vaccinated and boosted - for your safety and especially for the safety of others.


As in the past, YRARF 2024 will not require vaccination for participation; YRARF will not require proof of vaccination.


If you decide to participate in this event then you assume any and all risk associated with possible contraction of Covid19 and any/all of its variants.


If you are a registered participant and become sick, have flu or cold- like symptoms, or do not feel well then PLEASE do not attend! We will refund your registration fee.

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